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“The poetic ideal of the music was without doubt one of the distinctive qualities of the pianistic execution of Margrit Zimmermann. She alternated her impeccable technique with a lyrical capacity that transited from heartbreaking moments to other inspiring moments."
                                                                      El Norte, Mexico

Absorbed by the music, Margrit Julia Zimmermann, created a deeply unforgettable experience. The magic of this evening was built up not only with the fascination of virtuosity performance. It was the fascination of artistic personality, which manifested through her appearances, her playing, and her musicality
                                                                      Nordhessen Kultursommer Festival, Germany

It’s finely chiseled offering that suggests light on glistening crystals, the sort of piece Manfred Eicher might cull for his ECM label-although I doubt that even he could commission a better performance that one recorded here, where the Lithuanian-born violinist Rusne Mataityte and Russian-German pianist Margrit Julia Zimmermann serve to underline the score’s many stylistic subtleties
                                                                                                          Gramophone, England

Zimmermann performed Liszt’s Fantasie guasi Sonata”Apres une lecture
du Dante” with outstanding brilliance. An inspiring concert!
                                                                                           Hambuger Zeitung, Germany

Through her power of expression and fascinating intensity, Margrit Juli Zimmermann allows listeners a special kind of participation
                                                                         Herzberger Schlosskonzerte, Germany

M.J.Zimmermann overcomes the listeners with her irresistible pianistic crechendos and tempestuous climaxes. She is a powerful pianist but with sensitivity for the fine details
                                                              Hessisch-Niedersaechsische Allgemeine, Germany

“You created such a magical atmosphere which led me deeply into my inner world. You transformed the sound to vibrations that touched my soul. I feel a big joy and happiness with so much musicality and intensity”.                                                                                                                                 
                                                                                         Composer Barbara  Heller